Monday, July 24, 2006

Waterton Trip

Here we are at Cameron Falls in Waterton just a short walk from our campground.

These are pictures of our hike to the top of Bear's Hump that over looks Waterton.

The view of Waterton from the Bear's Hump over look.

Mallory, Baby-Landon, Nate, Jana, Bonny and Brooks at the tennis courts after Brooks swept everyone in the family tennis tournament.

This is us at Crandell Lake and what looks to be an engagement picture but it isn't!

Us at Crandell Lake. We tried to get a picture on the rocks with the lake in the background but Brooks was falling off the rocks and this is what we got instead.

This is the view with the waterslide behind you.

The natural water slide.

Brooks is about to land into the pool and his brother in-law, Dov, at the top in some sort of shock with his hand over his mouth.

Bonny going down the slide.

Brooks is at the top slide and Bonny is getting ready to go down the bottom slide. It's not as painful as it looks but it IS ice cold!

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