Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Google Tag

Here's how it works - type your answer into a Google image search and then post a photo from first results page:

the age you will be on your next birthday

a place you would like to visit

one of your favorite places

(it's my hometown Salem! this is a picture of the lake/pond and the bridge.)

your favorite object

your favorite food

(I know it's bad for me but I love it!)

your favorite color

your favorite animal
(I cheated on this one)

name of past pet

where you live
(Athens, GA)

1st grade teacher's last name

your middle name

your college major

a bad habit of yours

your favorite holiday

That was fun! If you read this then I'm taggin you! Especially if you are on my sidebar!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hustle and Bustle

Sorry about my blog slacking. Working two jobs has been pretty demanding lately. On top of that I have some wonderful craft projects that I am working on for Christmas and they have consumed all my "extra" time. Last night I spent 5 hours in my sewing room/spare bedroom/office working on 5 Swing Bags for a friend to give his sisters for Christmas (pictures coming soon). It was a long night but I really enjoyed making them! Now I'm going to move on to finish 2 other quilts for Christmas gifts and another special something for my friend who is expecting. I'm excited about these ones too! Hopefully this is the begining of what my sister and I will call The Village Shop. The Village Shop is currently an empty etsy shop but I'm confident that after the new year we will have it full of wonderful creations. Our brains are brimming with ideas...Maybe someday we'll have our own physical shop.

The weather in Georgia is depressingly warm. Yesterday we had the windows down and the sunroof open with Christmas songs on the radio. It just feels wrong. Warm wather makes me even more excited to spend Christmas at home in Utah because it really won't be Christmas until we get there. 9 more days until we fight the holiday crowds at the airport.

For now I love that Katie has introduced me to this blog. I don't feel the least bit guilty about blog-stalking this gal because her blog is so great she must want to share it! I love love love the inside of her house and all the wonderful decorations:

Meanwhile....I hope you enjoy the Christmas music. It took me all day to put it together!

Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

I hope my Utah blog readers will save us some snow because I really am dreaming of a white Christmas. A few of my blog friends have posted about recent snow fall. Snow is a pain but I sure miss it. Last night I had on a knee length skirt and flip flops and didn't even get a chill! "They" say a cold front is blowing in and I hope it is true. But Georgia cold fronts don't usually produce snow. The funny thing is that if we get snow at all here in Georgia the whole town will shut down. Yay for snow days!

I'm really thinking I will try to get my hands on a copy of White Christmas . . . anyone want to come over for movie night?