Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can't Reach

I made Baxter a fleece vest for winter. I'm surprised that days later he's still wearing it - hasn't chewed it off. Also, I'm huge. I can barely reach the keyboard right now. Enjoy the pic cuz I really didn't want to post it :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Psycho Texter

Today I attempted to text my sister in-law to get her address. This is how it went down:

me: "Can you tell me your address please?"
reply: "who the hell is this?"
me: "jeez! Sorry I must have the wrong number"
reply: "oh sorry not trying to be mean i just do that to a number that keeps messing with me who is this please"

I didn't respond. Then, the person who I will now refer to as Psycho Texter (PT) keeps texting.

PT: "I really am sorry may I ask who this is?"
me: "It's no problem"
PT: "I really am sorry"
me: (trying my best to get rid of him) "Really. Dont' worry about it"

Then my phone rings. Psycho Texter is calling me! Obviously I reject the call but soon panic because he surely heard my voicemail recording. Then here come the text messages again...

PT: "Now I feel bad may I call you"
me: "No" trying my best to end the convo. but wanting to say something more like "no you psycho! leave me alone!"
PT: "May I please call you though"
me: "why?" ... hello psycho!
PT: "Cuz i just would like to say hi I guess"
me: no reply
PT: "oh ok well my name is charles who were you lookin for"
me: no reply
PT: "I still feel bad though I really do"
me: no reply
PT: "Would i be able to make it up to you?"
me: no reply and sufficiently creeped out by now and give the phone number to the hubby so he can call the guy and get him off my back
PT: "#$&@ my first day in the US and I already pissed someone off i don't even know"
me: no reply

Brooks makes the phone call...

PT: "hello"
B: "Hi is this Charles?"
PT: "yes"
B: "charles, stop texting my wife"
PT: "I just feel bad because I cussed her out"
B: "It's fine. It was just a misunderstanding. Just stop texting her."
PT: "ok I just want to let her know I'm sorry"
B: "OK I will tell her. Don't text her again."

Seriously dude, using remorse as your tactic to make "friends" is not cool!

Monday, November 09, 2009

rita made

I finally somewhat stocked my etsy shop with purses. Go check it out. And if you're interested, I'll give free shipping to locals!

This one might be my favorite: