Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Carrots

Here are some great pictures of Olivia and Zibby. Olivia loves to feed Zibby baby carrots, one of his favorite treats! He is so good at listening to her "sit" and "shake" commands and when he does it right he gets a carrot. (In case you don't know Olivia, she is our next door neighbor and probably Zibby's best pal.)
Here is Olivia showing me the carrot and Zibby is waiting so patiently for her to give it to him. You can tell how bad he wants it....look how good he is being!

An action photo of the shake!

And here is the final product, Zibby chewing on his treat and Olivia waiting to give him another.


Haley Greer said...

Bonny, that's awesome! That dog has gotten huge... and that Olivia girl is darn cute.

garrett said...

That is sweet. I can't believe the dog likes carrots! Did you notice you live in the forest??? Those photos there show nothing but trees all around you guys!

The Flynn's said...

I think if you guys move somewhere far away, it would be too hard to take Zibby with you so you should just leave him with us. Olivia will send you daily updates on how he's doing.

The Stubbs Family said...

Holy cow, Zibby is huge! Love the pictures! Carrots though? That's a little weird.

Bonny said...

ok so one time I saw a thing on TV about healthy human treats that dogs love too...one of them was baby carrots and its true! he loves them!

thats where the idea came from.

Katey said...

As you know I don't love dogs but everytime I see your pictures of Zibby I think to myself "he sure is a cute dog, maybe dogs aren't so bad!" Eating carrots is a little random but if its ok for him and he likes them...why not!