Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Google Tag

Here's how it works - type your answer into a Google image search and then post a photo from first results page:

the age you will be on your next birthday

a place you would like to visit

one of your favorite places

(it's my hometown Salem! this is a picture of the lake/pond and the bridge.)

your favorite object

your favorite food

(I know it's bad for me but I love it!)

your favorite color

your favorite animal
(I cheated on this one)

name of past pet

where you live
(Athens, GA)

1st grade teacher's last name

your middle name

your college major

a bad habit of yours

your favorite holiday

That was fun! If you read this then I'm taggin you! Especially if you are on my sidebar!


KayStar said...

you are so funny bon!

The Grays said...

Hey Bonny! Fun idea. Travis and I played along. You can see our results on our blog. :)