Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tag from Tif

I really only do tags if I have been specifically named on someone elses blog. And so it happens that Tif has tagged me. I'm happy to oblige.

10 years ago I was:
A junior in high school.
Completely occupied by my life of Drill Team and Dance Company.
Working at Macey's (grocery store) in the produce department.

5 Things on today's "to-do" list:
Fold the laundry
Work on the header for The Village Shop blog and Etsy shop(stay tuned)
Take Zibby to the dog park
Read the BOM

I Enjoy:
quilting, crafting, sewing, cooking, design etc.
playing my piano (if it weren't 2000 miles away at my sister's house)
playing with Brooks and Zibby
cheetos puffs
shopping (ya ya, i'm a girl)

5 jobs I've had:
Admissions assistant Terry MBA UGA
Public Policy Specialist United Way of Salt Lake (best job ever!)
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Auditor (sounds impressive but it's not)
Joann's Store Clerk
Candy maker Alvey's Chocolates aka Bluebird Chocolates

5 things you might not know about me:
I play the banjo...well i own one and took lessons for a year.
I wear size 4 shoes, womens, not kids.
I love Salt and Vinegar potato chips.
I'd drink raw milk if it were legal to buy, or if I knew someone with a cow.
I have a giant 2 inch long screw in my arm/wrist.

I'm tagging all my blog stalkers...welcome! If you're not on my sidebar or you don't have a blog identify yourself by leaving a comment.


Melissa and Nate said...

Well you can't just say you have a "giant 2 inch long screw in my arm" and not explain the story!! What happened?!
And I can't wait to see your Village Shop blog - let us know what it's up and ready!

The Flynn's said...

You play the banjo? Hmmm! Salt and Vinegar chips. Yuck! I saw some size 4 shoes today at Ross that were on clearance for $10 and they were sooooo cute!!!

ALYN said...

I'm new to the blogging world. What is tagging? Is it "tag you're it!"?