Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Me 2008 check up

4 months ago I made a list of what I wanted to do in 2008. It's time for a check up.

Exercise regularly.
Wow, I still need to work on this one. Last week when I was without a car, I took Zibby for a brisk walk 2 days in a row. It was initially for HIS benefit but then I realized that I was getting exercise too. Sub goal: take Zibby for a walk 2 times a week.

back to Utah.
This was more of a joke goal but we are trying our hardest. The thought of it makes me miss Georgia...alot.

an online shop and blog. DONE!
The blog is loads of fun and the shop is there. We're in it for the fun and not for the profit...that makes us nonprofit right?

more scriptures and church magazines. Still needs work
Jesus The Christ (all of it this time). I read the first page...off to a great start hah!
lots of other leisure books. Currently reading "A Girl Named Zippy" by Haven Kimmel and I laughed aloud after only 16 pages. Thanks for the tip Robin!

at least 3 of the many quilts that I am in the middle of making.
Progress! I finished the top of one of the quilts. I'm not even considering hand quilting it so the rest will have to wait until I can have Molly use her machine quilting magic on it.

to play Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy on the piano (memorized).
Accomplishment of this depends highly on moving so I can get my piano back. I did find a free copy of the music online and print it out.

a new recipe for sunday dinner every week.
What was I thinking? This one should read "make a new recipe sometimes." I've actually been doing pretty good at trying new recipies and a few of them have really stuck. The Read and Feed blog is definitely a nice tool.

I'm really glad I checked back on my goals. It's nice to have a reminder what what I want to be doing.


Tansy said...

I just checked out your Village Shop Blog and am totally shocked. I didn't know you were so talented Bonny!!! BTW, I secretly hope you don't move back to Utah :)

Jake said...

Bonny! We should get together sometime before you leave Georgia for good.

You should totally see the Forbidden Kingdom. It is fun.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

okay you have to leave a list of all the good books I should read on my blog...that is one of my goals too! :)

Robin said...

That's a good idea to check your progress on your exact goals. I need to go look at my list again. I know for a fact I'm not doing so hot on a few of them...

Kelly Anderson said...

You are so good for checking up on your goals! I need to be better at that! And I was excited that you shared a recipe blog! I love getting new recipes!! :) Just a heads up, we're making our blog private so if you want an invite will you pleaase leave us your email address?
Kelly and Tim

The Flynn's said...

Hey, your definitely making progress which is more than I can say! Um...what were my goals? I don't think I can remember even one.

Haley Greer said...

That's why I don't make goals... I don't like to be accountable for them later. Good job Bonny!