Sunday, September 28, 2008

hello Callie Ann

I took a quick trip to Logan the other night to see my new niece Callie Ann. It was nice for all 4 sisters to be together. Congrats Josh and Abbey! The last pic is my fav. She peed all over the bed right after it.

This is us: left to right, oldest to youngest: Jenny (Ringmaster), Molly, Abbey (Smokin' Hot Mama), and ME


Robin said...

I didn't know you had a new niece on the way, and I have never seen a pic of all your sisters. Sweet!

Katey said...

Wow, you Llewellyn sisters all came straight out of the same mold didn't you? I too have never seen a picture of all your sisters.

You're new little neice is a cutie! Aren't new babies just the greatest?

Angela said...

Hi back at you are you? I love that pic of all you girls with the new little one, that one belongs in a frame for sure!