Friday, February 20, 2009

the shoes

Today, a blog friend reminded me that I love Anna Maria Horner's blog. For some reason, I had not subscribed to her feed and therefore have not seen her blog for a little while. Today, I subscribed and made a recovery visit. I think I've unknowingly been going through withdrawals! Despite the overwhelming loveliness of everything on her blog, I'm in love with this image, which I assume is a pattern cover for the adorabe Study Hall Skirt. Not to discredit the perfectness of the picture, its design, the awesome skirt, and the impecable legs on that model, I am in pure love with those shoes. I want them please!


The Flynn's said...

I definitely could not get away with wearing those shoes but I do LOVE the skirt!

Robin said...

I think it's kind of cute how knee socks are coming back in style. I used to wear them in jr. high.