Friday, October 09, 2009

Hello Athens

We took one last trip before the baby comes. It was too awesome.

Here's Brooks and Jen having the most delicious cupcakes ever.
Brooks striking a pose.

Brooks and Leah chillin' at the tail gate party.
So much good food there! This is one of our fav places.My favorite store in the world honored by the name of my blog :)The campus is as beautiful as I remember it.
What's a trip to Athens without a Frosted O, (like an orange creamy in a cup) YUM!See more pics here.


Courtney and Dan Archer said...

How fun!! Glad you guys had a good time!! Can't wait for baby!! :)

The Flynn's said...

We had tickets to that game, four of them. We ended up leaving for Arizona Friday night though and didn't get to go. I had already told the girls they would get to see you guys so they were pretty bummed. Oh well, next time!

Angela said...

Where are you in all these pictures? Avoiding the camera? Me too!!

Robin said...

Looks really fun!
BTW, I LOVE your new header!

Renee Sorensen said...

You were in Georgia?! I would have loved to see you. So much has happened since we last saw each other! Good luck with your pregnancy. We have a little girl, Eliza, that is 4 months old now. No one can prepare you for the extreme amount of joy and sleep deprivation you will experience. Good luck! Oh, by the way...after Eliza was born I decided to only work part-time so I left my job in Career Management to work in Admissions with Donna processing the PhD apps. Its great to work 8am-12pm and come home to be with our sweet girl.