Friday, November 13, 2009

Psycho Texter

Today I attempted to text my sister in-law to get her address. This is how it went down:

me: "Can you tell me your address please?"
reply: "who the hell is this?"
me: "jeez! Sorry I must have the wrong number"
reply: "oh sorry not trying to be mean i just do that to a number that keeps messing with me who is this please"

I didn't respond. Then, the person who I will now refer to as Psycho Texter (PT) keeps texting.

PT: "I really am sorry may I ask who this is?"
me: "It's no problem"
PT: "I really am sorry"
me: (trying my best to get rid of him) "Really. Dont' worry about it"

Then my phone rings. Psycho Texter is calling me! Obviously I reject the call but soon panic because he surely heard my voicemail recording. Then here come the text messages again...

PT: "Now I feel bad may I call you"
me: "No" trying my best to end the convo. but wanting to say something more like "no you psycho! leave me alone!"
PT: "May I please call you though"
me: "why?" ... hello psycho!
PT: "Cuz i just would like to say hi I guess"
me: no reply
PT: "oh ok well my name is charles who were you lookin for"
me: no reply
PT: "I still feel bad though I really do"
me: no reply
PT: "Would i be able to make it up to you?"
me: no reply and sufficiently creeped out by now and give the phone number to the hubby so he can call the guy and get him off my back
PT: "#$&@ my first day in the US and I already pissed someone off i don't even know"
me: no reply

Brooks makes the phone call...

PT: "hello"
B: "Hi is this Charles?"
PT: "yes"
B: "charles, stop texting my wife"
PT: "I just feel bad because I cussed her out"
B: "It's fine. It was just a misunderstanding. Just stop texting her."
PT: "ok I just want to let her know I'm sorry"
B: "OK I will tell her. Don't text her again."

Seriously dude, using remorse as your tactic to make "friends" is not cool!


Jenny said...

And of coarse that let someone that crazy into our country!

Jennifer Hatch said...

What a freak.

Ann said...


Haley said...

Hehe. :)

garrett said...

Nuts!!! I had my own psycho texter a few years ago. You should have messed with the guy a little more.

Chris and Leslie said...

What a weirdo!

Robin said...

Charles sounds like an intense dude.

Art Wall Katie said...

this is hilarious. I swear this is not how it's going to be here :)

The Flynn's said...

I shouldn't be laughing, it's really not funny. Just slightly. Sorry about the PT though. Idiot!!

Wendy said...

Wow. Some people!! :)

Michelle said...

BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! What a WEIRDO!!! Thanks for posting this gem:)