Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smasher the Dragon

He was definitely the most fierce of all the spooky tykes at Grandma's first annual Halloween party.

There were lots of fun games and activities like...
... a donut eating contest. Some kids were awesome at it. Others weren't so thrilled.

...pumpkin art. Miniature pumpkins and washable markers were perfect for the kiddos.

... a cake walk. It only lasted about 3 minutes and everyone won!

...finding an eye ball in a bowl of brains. Some found the eye balls and others ate the brains.

Lunch was mini mummy pizzas and cider with worms.

We even turned Grandpa into a mummy! Thanks for a great party Grandma!


Rob said...

man i wish we could have made it

K - aka The Baker said...

i think i will die, that is too cute. i love his costume!!

Jake said...

You've got one of the cutest kids ever.

Jennifer Hatch said...

Wow... what cute ideas for little ones!