Friday, July 20, 2007

Hard to have a blog with no Internet!

It seems we've taken a near month long leave of absence from posting on our blog. This is because we don't have internet access at home. I (bonny) use the neighbors computer to check my email and Brooks is too lazy to update the blog while he has the computer all day at school. :)

Things are going just fine for us here in Georgia. I must say that I am seriously sick of the bugs! I'm glad I have Brooks and Zibby to kill/catch them all for me. Yesterday I walked outside to water my gardent pots and looked down at my legs and there were 3 mosquitoes feasting away on my sweet blood! I even had repellent on!

We will be back in Utah for a family wedding in August. We are so excited to see everyone!!

I still haven't found a job yet but once that happens we will be sure to get our own internet service and we'll be blogging like crazy! We've got some fun photos and video to share!


Melissa and Nate said...

Glad to hear everything is ok...I was wondering why you weren't posting! Good luck on the job hunt!

Ape said...

keep up the blogin hope you find a job soon...I would hate the bugs too. When I moved to Colorado I didn't know anyone so I found a job through a staffing agency like S.O.S.

love apes