Tuesday, July 31, 2007

who does that?!

The other day I was doing some grocery shopping at Kroger (they are the company that owns Smiths...you probably recognize the brand, but they have their own store out here, its nuts!). I had finished my shopping and was waiting in line to pay when some old (60?) man tried to wedge his cart in front of me. I had put my cart in line and then walked around to the front of a display to check it out...about 2 steps away from my cart. So when I see the sly guy coming I stepped over to my cart to assure my place in line. So there he is with his cart at about a 90 degree angle to the line trying to make it look like he is next. No way buddy! So I'm just standing there staring at him waiting for him to say something like: "oh sorry I didn't see you there" or "oops excuse me" or something! He said nothing and I'm standing there trying to remain calm even though I'm really bugged that he thinks he can scoot in like that. All this time (of about 1 minute) I'm trying to think of something to say to him but for some reason I couldn't come up with a polite thing to say like "oh excuse me sir, I'm in line here." So I just stare at him, and he stares at me. And then finally he says "you weren't in line here were you?" And I manage to get out a somewhat coherant "Yah" with a little attitude. And then you won't believe it! He proceed to argue with me that I was actually "over there" looking at something so I couldn't have been in line! Who argues about that! So while my insides are raging I decided it's not worth arguing about so my reply was "you can just go ahead and go" with lots of attitude and sass. And the old man doesn't even say thank you, he just nods at me as though I just realized that I was wrong! I'm trying to just LET IT GO. He only had a few items anyway. It is finally his turn at the check out and it takes a very long time since he can't find the box of cigarettes that he wants. Finally the find it after all the people in line behind me have stormed off in impatience. The old man breaks out his debit card and takes forever on the machine. Eventually in rings through and as the cashier hands him the receipt she says "you wanted 2 cents cash back?" And the old man says "yes" as though it wasn't weird at all! He chose the optional amount of cash back and entered that he wanted 2 cents! Who does that!!!!!!! What a psycho!


Ape said...

He is CRAZY! WOW....on my site you can click on the traker and it will let you set up your own. Way cool! We miss you!

Kelly Stubbs said...

Are you serious???!!! It is a good thing that the guy asked for 2 cents back so that you could be assured that he was a psycho otherwise I would be SO ticked off! Ok, calming down, Bonny, you are a wonderful person, I think that I would have just said no way buddy, I was here first so back the freak off :)