Monday, March 17, 2008

back and at it

I feel like I just got back from vacation even though we didn't go anywhere. I took a few days off from work and the internet while my parents came to Georgia to visit. It was a blast. They were here for about 4 days and after they left we were really bored. We enjoyed lots of good food and a few tornado scares. Thanks for coming out mom and dad!

Some of my favorite parts of their trip were:
  • playing Wii with the parents
  • the food (best squash casserole I've ever tasted)
  • the nice weather (except for the tornadoes)
  • the daffodils
  • the stinky bait and tackle store where dad bought boiled peanuts (see photo)

Also, there are new updates at The Village Shop blog. I just posted a tutorial and giveaway for a change purse. The purse is featured below and is offered in three designs. I hope you'll go check it out.


Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Jason always wanted to try hot boiled peanuts- how were they? We will look forward to your visit! The kids absolutely have not forgotten you- just today brooklyn came up and asked me "what rhymes with Brooks?" which promted diego into a song about you guys: A lot like our alphabet sounds song, except everything was bonnie, brooks, and zibbie. I HOPE you will have time to stop in for a visit when you come!!

The Flynn's said...

Did you like the boiled peanuts? I think they're gross. That's awesome that your parents came. When are you guys moving back?

Molly said...

Boiled peanuts were definately a highlight of our first trip down South. I will never forget when our friend asked us if we had ever had "bulled peanuts." It took us a minute to traslate the accent into boiled peanuts. I am glad you guys had fun with mom and dad. I hear they may be going on a Carribean Cruise next - not joke.