Friday, March 28, 2008

Me A to Z

Robin tagged. This one looked kinda fun.

A - Attached or single? attached
B - Best friend? Zibby...JUST KIDDING! its Brooks
C - Cake or pie? Pie. Ever had Marie Callendars (sp?) razzleberry? oh yum (check the frozen food section)
D - Day of choice? I'm with Robin on Friday...there's still a whole weekend ahead.
E - Essential item? socks...I hate it when my feet are cold
F - Favorite color? green, almost every shade of it
G - Gummy bears or worms? either one as long as they are fresh
H - Hometown? Salem, UT
I - Indulgences? fabric stores, salt, book stores, all things mac
J - January or July? July. I'm usually sick of winter in January (except in Georgia)
K - Kids? 1 dog: Zibby
L - Life isn't complete without? family, laughing, sunshine, cheeseburgers
M - Marriage date? October 7, 2006
N - Number of brothers and sisters? 3 big sisters 3 little brothers
O - Oranges or apples? apples and like Robin, I'm all about the Fuji
P - Phobias or fears? crowds, tornadoes, Georgia-style thunder & Lightning, waterslides
Q - Quote? "...and I say, It's alright." The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun (do do do do)
R - Reason to smile? Brooks gave me a present today!
S - Season of choice? Fall. its the crisp air and the colors for me.
T - Tag six: Molly, Joy, Jakey, Jentry or Scott, Kelsey
U - Unknown fact about me? I went to Snow College for 1 year of undergrad.
V - Vegetable? zucchini, asparagus, there are just too many...
W - Worst habit? sleeping until the latest possible minute and the rushing to get out the door on time
X - X-ray or ultrasound? don't they put goo on you for ultrasounds? if so, x-ray.
Y - Your favorite food? certain cheeseburgers, alfredo anything
Z - Zodiac sign? Gemini: adaptable and versatile, communicative and witty, intellectual and eloquent, youthful and lively. uh...I wish.


Jake said...

Gah! Now I must share personal info online? Check my blog. I suppose I'll do it.

Jake said...

plus, have you been watching American Idol? Your quote reminds me of a performance a few weeks ago. Go Brooke White!

Robin said...

mmm cheeseburgers!

Steve & Erin said...

unknown fact?! that was about the only fact on there I knew about you!

Dave and Mel said...

Hi Bonny!! This is your old friend from Continental Apt. #44. Paul and Janie were in Logan for a baby blessing today and stopped by. Janie found a link to your blog through Nate and Denise's blog. I guess Denise worked with Brooks before. I was pretty excited to get on line and take a look. I liked the video clip you posted of Zibby eating your shoes. Anyway, this is more like an email than a comment but I don't know how else to contact you. I hope you're doing well, it was fun to see your blog.
-King Dave
P.S. Did you know that Thunder Dan is engaged!?!...she's a Swiss underwear model too!! J/K. Dan is still in Logan and he's almost done with school. I guess he decided to not go on and get his PhD. He's wants to work for Google. Go Dan!! K, bye.

The Flynn's said...

You're scared of water slides?? You're crazy! Those are the best. I love water parks and the scarier, faster, and taller the slide the slide, the better. I really hate amusement parks though. For some reason I can only handle the thrill if I'm in water.

KayStar said...

I love that zibby is your best friend!