Saturday, May 24, 2008

In Vail

The tornadoes didn't get us. Phew! I think I'd have been much more terrified had I not been half asleep at the time. B would have slept through the storm if I hadn't woke him up. Take a look at our truck. We probably used less than a quarter of the space in the truck. Pretty sweet packing job I'd say. Sorry for the butt shot Mr. Roadway! Z has been doing well on the drive. His journey goes something like this: curl up on the seat, stand up, turn in 10 circles, sit down, breathe is stanky breath in our faces, put is face in the left vent, put his face in the right vent, stand up, look out the window, sit down, shed all over the car....and all over again. After all that, I still like him. We're enjoying a nice night in Vail Colorado. We did over half the drive in the first day and we could have finished it all today but decided to take it easy. We'll get some good rest and have a short drive tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day


Southern Belle said...

We miss you all already! Sounds like a very fun trip for Zibby. Dogs must travel better than babies! I will check your mail and let you know what is there.

Tansy said...

We were in Athens last night, wish you were there too!

Renee Sorensen said...

Hope you made it to Utah safely! Take care of each other.