Friday, May 30, 2008

not at all homeless

We finally found an apartment! Actually, I don't think "finally" applies because it only took us a few days (not long at all!). We are really happy with how everything turned out and hopefully we'll be moving next Saturday! Wanna know where we're going to live? I'm not telling on the blog but I will share this:

Last year, Robin did a wonderful post about her street. I was so envious, but my envy is over! We're living on one of the greatest streets in America too! I'm looking forward to: old building charm, saving gas by walking to work, hardwood floors, and getting the move over with. I am missing Zibby though. He won't be able to live with us until we find a more permanent situation.

Click here to see what other streets made the list.


Jentry said...

Yay for a house! I love the avenues. My grandfather and dad grew up in a house on B street between fifth and 6th avenue. It's a wonderful place. Hope to see you soon!

Angie said...

Wow! That would be a great place to live. I'm glad that you made it safely back to Utah! Let us know if you are up our way we would like to have everyone over for a barbeque or something!!

Jake said...

Movin' on up, huh?

I hope that your new place is nice, but I also hope you get a Zibby-friendly spot before too long.

allicat4 said...

Bonny....hello to you! It's been awhile, but I'm glad to have found your blog! This is Alli Aston, by the way, from the old days at Snow College. Ummm, so you live super close to me now! I LOVE downtown SLC and all of the beautiful homes around there. Sigh. It's great. :)

ALYN said...

I love old houses! I lived in one for awhile in SLC. Fun.

I'm a little worried about all your injuries, though. I hope you'll heal up soon.