Saturday, June 28, 2008

Goodbye Uga VI

He was a DGD.

ATHENS, Ga. -- Uga VI, the beloved University of Georgia mascot, has died from congestive heart failure at his home in Savannah.

Uga will be buried in a vault in the Southwest corner of Sanford Stadium with his predecessors. Private ceremonies are expected early next week.

Uga VI became UGA's mascot in 1999. He was the son of Uga V, the only college mascot to land on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans called it "a sad day for the entire Bulldog nation."


The Flynn's said...

Yeah, Scott's family has already called for a day of mourning, including wearing black for the day!

Abbey said...

Ohhh...I offer my deepest sympathy!!!

Tansy said...

I'm so sad, I loved UGA VI. I especially loved his droopy cheeks that made his whole face sag. He will be missed :(

Randy said...

My condolences to UGA. Have they found UGA VII yet? I never attended a game in between the hedges, so I never had the pleasure of seeing any UGA live. I'm an LSU alumnus, and I have no idea how they go about finding Mike the Tigers, what number they're on, or how they dispose of the remains

BTW, I linked to this blog from my SIL Karen's blog. Love the name "helix."