Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh Crap

I mean it. My 2 week blogging hiatus was full of excitement. We had a grand time camping with my fam for the 4th of July weekend. Zibby even got to come and he was a great camper! He slept in our tent, played gently with the kids, and we even turned him loose on the mountain.

(here's the pup with Pinkie, thanks for the pic Molls)

He was especially excited when at an off leash moment he spotted a herd of sheep (shouldn't have been on private property but thats a different story). He ran so fast and far and all over the place. There was a small stampede of sheep circling our little piece of mountain chased by an unlikely husky sheep dog. Brooks and I were afraid we'd lost him. We chased him around, screaming like crazy dog owners. At one point, filled with some psycho adrenalin, I decided to just dive for him. I missed by just a bit and slipped on some gravel landing on my bum/back. Zibby was thankfully nearby so I reached up and grabbed his leg. Yup, I saved the day/dog. But what was that smooth and warm sensation on my hand? Like I said, oh crap, of the sheep variety. I was so grossed out. I'm not sure what Brooks was doing this whole time but I grabbed the pooch by his collar and ran back to our site only to discover that I had "oh crap" all over my backside. Zibby slept well that night.


Molly said...

Totally gross. Sheep pretty much gross me out in general.

Jentry said...

Oh gross. Tell me you had some sort of shower device to wash yourself in. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your dog.

Tyler and Cassidy said...

Hopefully it was your left hand. It would take me a while to forget about it if it were my right hand. But, I'm pretty much used to that kind of thing by now. Thats the worst part.

Oh, I have been meaning to ask you what moving company you used to get back out here and how did you like them?

Julie said...

Oh yuck! I am so sorry. Nothing is worse than poop, and to be camping when it happened!!!

Josh and Kelsey said...

That sounds disgusting Bon! But I bet Zibby enjoyed being off the leash chasing wildlife =)

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you for the longest time--THANK YOU SO MUCH for recommending the collar for our dogs! They have been a life saver!!! =)

Rachel Wilkinson said...