Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've had A LOT of roommates over the years. Wow, check out this list! 40! It didn't take me too long to write this list and I only forgot one person's name. Sorry whoever you are! I can even remember most last names! Are any of you reading this? Hellooooooo?

Erin M.
Stephanie B.
Lynette M.
Natalie F.
Emily P.
Brinna W.
Shauna G.
Krissy A.
Amelia P.
Jenny P.
I forgot!
Mary D.
Tara H.
Cathy C.
Rachel M.
Ann L.
Sher B.
Ali P.
Lynette W.
Ami B.
Mary W.
Kristen S.
Renee S.
Michelle B.
Cassidy P.
Jentry S.
Anne R.
Kim D.
Cheri F.
Tristan C.
Katey T.
Mindy M.
Tiffany P.

There's one roommate I didn't count, my husband! He's the best roommate of all and way too good to be included in that list!


Erin and Steve said...

yeah! first on the list! I must be your second favorite! Second only to Brooks that is. I have only had 9 roommates and you were my favorite. hope I made you smile! BTW I have been meaning to ask you where is the village blog?

Cassidy said...

So glad to make your list!
Wow, I can only count 21 roommates before Tyler. And I can't remember a lot of the last names.

Katey said...

So glad I made the list and I sure hope you never forget me...I'm sure I'll never forget you.

m e l said...

I think I only had 11, and I can't even remember most of their names. I'm so impressed with your list.

Jentry said...

I loved being your roommate! I was thinking about that great year we all had together and missing us.

Abbey said...

Okay little Sis. I might have been your worst roomate ever but c'mon can't I please be on the list??? btw...I love the paper that has your cell number and address on it. I better email you and get them so I can send you some new flip flops! See...I am an awesome former roomate!

Shauna said...

Hey Bonny! I'm glad you remembered me! I hope everything is going well for you! I haven't talked to you since you got married, how sad! We need to catch up some time.


Robin said...

So I counted mine and I came up with 30. Imagine how many more I could have if I hadn't been living alone for the last 3 years.
Oh goodness.