Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dog for a Day (or less)

Saturday on our run (Brooks ran and I rode my bike) we saw this dog run across a busy street.

she looks kinda freaky in this picture but her eyes were the coolest blue ever.

We took her to the shelter and found out (micro-chipped) the owner didn't want her. We had the option to turn the dog in or keep it. Brooks was thrilled and I wasn't really. He even named her, twice. We had 13 days to make up our minds so we took her home with us. Long story short...she was back at the shelter as soon as it opened the next morning. I think I haven been awakened to the awesomeness of our dog (lets keep that singular for a while) after having been exposed to a dog that is not awesome. I LOVE my Zibby!

he looks so distinguished in this picture - don't be fooled!


The Flynn's said...

That's sad. I feel bad for the other dog. The people that used to live in your apartment did that exact same thing. I think they lasted with the new dog a couple more days, but it wasn't long.

Jake said...

That was quick... I understand, though. Sometimes one dog is enough.

And they all aren't sweet and peaceful. In fact, many of them are just way too energetic. That's why I got a basset hound (currently housed at my dad's... at least until I get a place where I can have him). He's great - only about 5 minutes worth of energy before collapsing into a peaceful slumber!

I'll have to tell you all about him sometime.