Sunday, July 27, 2008

comment bribery pays

Congratulations to:
(it says Robin, if you can't read it)

You are the winner of my comment bribery giveaway.

Let me explain the photo above. You've probably heard of those random number generators and think that I could easily generate a random number the corresponded to the order of your comments. True story. I could definitely do that. But I have this weird feeling that the first and last numbers don't have a fair chance in the random number generator. I'm sure I am mistaken in thinking this, but since I only had 20 or so names to draw from, I thought it just as easy to alleviate my random number generator anxiety by putting all your names in my wooden bowl. You just have to trust that I did not draw out several names until I achieved a desired result. I didn't. Robin was indeed the first name I drew from the bowl. Congrats to you. Also, congrats to me, since Robin lives downstairs, I don't have to pay to ship her winnings.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I absolutely loved reading your memories. I laughed or at least smiled about every single one!


The Flynn's said...

Well, I'm a little late. I seriously haven't had a chance to check blogs all week BUT my memory of you is 6 months of non-stop chit chat while we were next door neighbors. My kids truly loved living next door to you guys and especially Zibby! Oh, and definitely Sandy Creek Beach!!

Robin said...

Cool, thanks Bonny!

Tyler and Cassidy said...

Come on Bon! As long as that random number generator uses a random time seed, then every number in the series has an exactly equal probability of being chosen. This is my LIFE.
Haha, but not anymore, because I graduated! Well, maybe it will be again someday though.

Anonymous said...

Its me Joe Adams. Boy your looking great! I've Got tuns of great memories with you. we just had are ten year reunion and I realized I had more friends in yor class then my own.well I think I should win just because I took the time to say later, look up 1998 web site for my family pics..

Jake said...

sorry I missed the contest - I was in another hemisphere.

Even so, I want to leave one of my favorite Bonny memories, but I don't really have a favorite. I remember lots of stuff. From the broken arm, to hanging out in your apt listening to the Format, to going to your locker on campus, to just sitting and talking at continental, to watching LOST, to bouncing you off Cassidy's bean bag chair, to traveling to PageAZ, meeting you, Clint, and Haley at ASU, seeing pictures of you and Brooks taking care of my little bro on his mission, and etc. Thanks for everything Bon.