Sunday, July 13, 2008

Medium-Well (warning: gore)

More excitement. Camping at our lot consists of food, four wheelers, and as Molly puts it, the tower of death. This year, there was a pocket rocket/tike bike in addition to the traditional four wheelers.

What happens when the throttle gets stuck on the tike bike? How do you like your skin cooked? Well done? The pic on the left is right after the crash. I thought it was just a scrape. The picture on the right is a few days later. It's not normal for scrapes to burn. Oh, it's burn! Good thing the camera flash made my leg look so white.

So here I am with my first aid tape and gauze pad prepping the the jump of my life off the tower of terror on to the swig disc. Here's a pic of me and Kay on Cindy's bike. I guess I better stick to being a passenger. And with a driver like Cindy, who could go wrong?


KayStar said...

but you look so cute on the pocket bike! sorry you got hurt.

m e l said...

ouch!! that leg doesn't look so good . . .