Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interior Dreaming

Is it bad form to put a rug on carpet? I really want a rug in my living room. Lately I've really taken a liking to zig-zag patterend rugs. I could honestly look at rugs all day.

I really like this one:

from here

And this one...

also from here


Angela said...

Hi Bonny, it was nice seeing you last weekend. I can't remember the last time we saw each has been years.

Anyway, it is not bad to put a rug on carpet. I had a piece of carpet bound and put it under my living room furniture on top of carpet until we got wood floors. Now I have that same carpet on top of wood. Scott hates it but I like the contrast!

Jentry said...

I like the second one, and I think it is perfectly acceptable to put a rug on carpet.

Tyler and Cassidy said...

Ditto on the second one. It makes me want to put a rug on my carpet.

The Flynn's said...

Hmmm, the rug on the carpet dilemma (is that spelled right?). I just don't know. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe it depends on the type of carpet and the type of rug?? Try it out, if it looks wierd, take it back.