Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Smooth Breakfast

We've had fruit smoothies for breakfast every day for the past 3-ish weeks. I love it! Besides that the smoothies are delicious, my husband is the one who makes them! It's a win-win for me.

He uses: plain yogurt, milk, fresh banana, any frozen fruit (usually berry medley or strawberries), spelda, and flax seed (for good health of course!)

I wrote a post about green smoothies a while back...maybe I should throw in a few spinach leaves while his back is turned.


Whitney Blake said...

When Lane and I lived in Logan, Lane would make me a fruit smoothy every morning and they were the best! I love how you and Brooks are so healthy!! It is very inspiring.

Rachel said...

that sounds good, i will have to try it... how is the house?

Molly said...

i want one Brooks!

Ringmaster said...

Could Brooks just pop on down here every morning and whip me up one of those?