Thursday, November 29, 2007

Green Smoothie Anyone?

Today I discovered the green smoothie. No this is not a follow-up to green week. Apparently its a very tasty way to get all the nutrients out of green vegetables without all the chewing work. I do like veggies but this looks like a really cool way to consume them! I have to admit that it looks nasty...but "they" say that it tastes great. I just want to tie a red bow around the glass in this picture and make it holiday appropriate.

Supposedly if you mix leafy green veggies in with a smoothie you won't taste them (very much). I found several variations of recipes on the internet. Basically you make a smoothie with whatever ingredients you want (fruits, spices, supplements, milk, water, yoguer, sherbet) but you add a handful of spinach leaves or some collard leaves. If you're really interested in keeping in super healthy then obviously you can't use the milk or the yogurt.

Some recipies are like this:

a banana
big handful of baby spinach
one lime, quartered and peeled
couple of sprigs of fresh mint
three slices of fresh ginger
handful of either mango or pineapple
Toss it all into a blender, fill about halfway with water and blend for a good couple of minutes.

And other recipes are more simple:
2 collard leaves
water to consistency

But I think I want to try something like this:
2 bananas
1/2 cup of frozen raspberries, blackberries or strawberries
1 cup fresh or frozen peaches or mango pieces
1 cup orange or pineapple juice (sub water or milk)
juice from half a lime
collard or spinach leaves

What would your recipe be?


Josh and Kelsey said...

Haven't you ever had a Naked Juice? This post reminded me of the Green Machine, it's DELICIOUS! Some of the ingredients include seaweed and algae, etc. Yum!

Jentry said...

Yum! I'm having this for breakfast tomorrow!

Jake said...

I don't think that people should eat many of those things in those recipes. Especially if they are all chopped up to be in a drink.

Yuck. I'll stick to my tasty foods.

Bonny said...

hmmm nope never had a Naked Juice. But I did just inherit a bunch of fruit juice from a lady I work for and I think I'm going to try out my own homemade green drink. If i can't taste the green part then yum!

Robin said...

Have you ever tried Bolthouse Farms drinks? They are good. C-Boost is my favorite. The Green Goodness one is pretty tasty but it has a really green aftertaste.

I love the idea of putting spinach leaves in my breakfast smoothie. I don't think spinach has that strong of a flavor anyway. I would stick to orange juice and then the dark berries, like frozen raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, then also some flaxseed.

Kelly Stubbs said...

Crown burger on the 20th sounds great! Call us when you know what time you want to go :)

Love, Kelly

Bubbles said...

I love the idea of putting greens in a smoothie - a good way to get them and not even know it. I make smoothies almost every day for breakfast. My basic one is o.j., vanilla yogurt, banana, frozen fruit (of some sort), almonds, flax seeds and whey protein powder. Here is a place to find where I wrote it out better. I'll be trying your recipes too - I always love trying something new. Thanks!!