Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Green Week Tip #3

Did you know that the color green is said to be the most restful color to the human eye? No coincidence, green is my absolute most favorite color. I like green so much I have to try really hard to to buy green things. Check out these inspiring uses of green in home interiors. How delightful!

Tip #3 Save money and natural resources. Did you know you can save on your heating bill and save energy with two simple measures? (This tip from Green Team Tips. Check out their site of TONS of other great tips!)

If you're able to program your thermostat, set it to a lower temperature at night and while you're away during the day. Otherwise, just turn down the heat before you go to bed and before heading out for the day. Before assuming you will be too cold, just test it out—put on a sweater, reduce the heat by a couple of degrees for one week, then see how you feel. Honestly, who doesn't love to snuggle up in sweats, a hoody, and fuzzy socks!

Another easy way to save energy and money is to seal up windows, gaps around air conditioners, and other cracks with some inexpensive products found at most hardware stores. Unroll "rope" caulk (made of putty and sold in a long coil) and press it into the gaps, or apply heat-shrinkable plastic sheeting to your gaps with double-sided tape and shrink it to fit with a hair dryer. I'm seriously going to try out the plastic sheeting!

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Molly said...

We set our thermostat at 70 rather than 72 in the winter and 75 in the summer. This seems to have helped out. After we moved into this home we also notice that the insulation in the roof was inadequate. I am not sure how the previous home owners did not realize that they could save so much on their utilities by improving the insulation. I am also saving up for new exterior doors with a greater R value, and better style also.