Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'd rather be...

...doing 10,000 other things than be at work today:

1. cleaning my house (yes I like to clean my house)
2. playing with my dog. I love him.

3. baking glorious Christmas goodies.
4. designing and mailing my own wonderful Christmas card.
5. working on the 2 quilts 6 bags and 1 pillow that I am in the middle of.
6. getting a hair cut like this one:

7. cleaning my car inside and out...maybe just in, I can't justify a car wash in a water shortage.
8. playing Wii with Brooks.
9. reading the conference Ensign
10,000. doing my laundry (I'm serious, I'd rather be doing laundry and dishes!)

I took a walk downtown for lunch today and saw this man on one of those long arm trucks standing in the man-bucket decorating a massive Christmas tree with bows and snow flakes and all sorts of shiny things. I wish that was my job! Today I listened to Christmas music on purpose for the first time this year....I'm really excited to spend Christmas at home!


Tyler and Cassidy said...

I know exactly what you mean! I would rather do anything besides all of the schoolwork that is left to finish up in these last two weeks. But, today is my non-Logan day, and I am doing the laundry even though I shouldn't be yet.
I am so excited for you to come for Christmas! Do you know which days are going to be pre-planned on your visit yet? I was wondering if a get together would be too much before Christmas day and if we should wait until after. We are going to LaVerkin from the 21st-27th or so. Maybe the 29th would be a good day. What do you think?

Steve & Erin said...

just emailed natalie and lynette. i had a dream the other night that i was at nat's wedding and lynette was pregnant with twins. weird huh?