Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bonus Time!

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It's Clinique bonus time at the UGA bookstore! First of all I think it is great that the bookstore has a Clinique counter.
Since smokey eyes are the thing for fall (so I hear) I bought this lovely eye shadow duo. I also bought some new eye liner that is better than any I've ever used. It is called Kohl Eye Shaper. I got Black Amethyst so it has a hint of purple in it. It's way better than the kind you can buy at the grocery store that claims to be self sharpening, easy application, and no smudge. Sometimes you just have to pay the price.

I really liked the bonus this time too! It came with Sugared Maple lipstick, Clinique's famous mascara, eye cream for circles and puffiness, lotion, blush, and a brush. I really like the pink bag. There is just something about Clinique's immaculate design that I love.

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The Flynn's said...

Do you have to spend $25 to get the gift? I can't remember. How much was the liner? I want that!!