Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's Finally Football Time!

Hey all. The football season is underway, and it is about time.On Saturday we went to the Georgia vs. Oklahoma State game in Sanford Stadium. Our day started at 10:00A.M. when we went up the the MBA tailgate party on campus. Throughout the day we were able to learn the words to one of the many Bulldog chants. It is one of those that the leader says a line and then the rest repeat it. The chant goes like this, "What's that comin' down the tracks? It's a mean machine in red and black. There's nothin finer in all the land. Than a drunk, obnoxious GEORGIA fan! Goooooooooooo Dawgs! Sick 'em woof woof woof woof" So kickoff was at 7:00P.M. which means we were tailgating for around 9 hours, and we were a couple of hours late! Anyways enjoy the pics of us tailgating and the game. Georgia won!!! 35-14 Go Dawgs!

Here is Bon with a cute tattoo on her face. You can see in the background a girl in a skirt, well one of the cool things about everything in the South is that Ladies dress up for everything, even football.

Here is a game of Beer Pong. Yes this was just one of MANY that we were able to witness. For those who don't know, Beer Pong is a game played with cups of beer set up like bowling pins and there are two teams of two at opposite ends of a table, and each player throws a ping pong ball into the cups, and if the player makes it into a cup one of the players on the other team have to drink the cup. As you can imagine, by the end of the game both teams are so drunk the ball doesn't get anywhere near the cups. Awww good times.
These three pics were of some of the tailgating that went on. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Even at 10:00A.M. all of campus was packed. Any open piece of grass was used for tailgating. I love football here!

The top picture is of Pete and I. He is one of my classmates. The bottom one is Pete, Brian (also a classmate), Bonny and I.

Leah (Brian's Girlfriend), Jen Gainer (a classmate) and Bon.

Bon and I at the game right before kickoff.

Matt Stafford taking the snap.
The stadium at night. Official attendance 92,746.

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Lane and Whitney Blake said...

Dude! That is the coolest thing ever! I bet you just enjoyed the game, and seeing a winning football team has got to be a treat! We miss you guys but are glad things are going so well for you.