Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Things

Today I was bouncing and linking between blogs of all sorts of people that I do not know. I came across some really pretty things. I love looking a blogs of people that are really creative and stylish. Some of these sites have great ideas for decorating and others for simple homemade crafts. I just wanted to share them with everyone because I find them quite enjoyable to look at. I might even get around to trying something of my own. For now, I enjoy the inspiration. I also have to put in a plug for my "other blog." It's where I like to post my creative moments and things. Check it out!

shelterrific - some weird-interesting stuff that I like to look at. I don't particularly want this shoe rack. Its just...interesting.

one hour craft - I love the concept of a one hour craft!
Go here to find out how to make a Gypsy Lantern
imedagoze - more...the photo with the pillows on shelves is interesting...
stringandscissor - kinda weird but those booties are cute

themonkeybasket - I really want to make one of these cute pencil bags

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Robin said...

I do the same thing - I am always linking around to different blogs and finding new ones to love. Some of the ones on my sidebar you might enjoy, they are really stylish and sometimes crafty.